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    In Our Own Backyard: A Summer Tasting at the City Museum
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    The Museum of the City of New York will host “In Our Own Backyard: A Summer Tasting at the City Museum” August 15. At 6:30PM, samples from locally-produced breads, cheeses, produce, and beers will be available for guest to enjoy outdoors on the museum terrace along with live music. Local business include Hot Bread Kitchen, Evelyn’s Kitchen, Beth’s Farm […]

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    Restaurant Rant: Charlie’s Place
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    Sushi has found a new home in Harlem, New York at a place where sushi rolls are filled with grilled salmon and tuna, and a trendy twist: grilled chicken. With this flavorful mix, there is something for everyone at Charlie’s Place, situated between 125th and 126th Street on Madison Avenue. With a welcoming modern décor, […]

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    Harlem Shambles, the new butcher shop in town
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    Harlem Shambles is making its mark in Harlem as the new local butcher in town. Located on 116th Street and Fredrick Douglass Blvd, the shop prides itself on offering products that are grass feed and all natural. The products are all sourced from local areas. Selections include beef, lamb, pork, and poultry meats. Customers can also […]

  • Restaurant Rant: Oui, Oui
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    Oui Oui, is making an impact in Harlem and is combining Crepes and Pizza all under one roof. Located on 2167 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard between 128th and 129th Street, Oui Oui is open from 11:30am-11:30pm daily. Approaching two years of being in business, Oui Oui is small, but dishes out quality. Their hand tossed pizzas are making their mark, […]

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